Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Final Report of the Bring New Orleans Back Commission's Cultural Committee

Part of Mayor Ray Nagin's Bring New Orleans Back Commission included a special Cultural Committee, made up of representatives from the worlds of music, visual art, cultural preservationists and others. While the make-up of the committee was somewhat controversial - "too elite, not street" as a leader of a Social Aid and Pleasure Club put it to me - their report has some interesting ideas for bolstering our baseline cultural instistutions in this city. Street Talk was especially taken by the idea of more community cultural centers in the city, where neighbors could meet to learn about traditions, or start creating their own. The rub here is that the BNOB's plan isn't a sure thing. It wasn't approved by the City Council, and hasn't been guaranteed funding by city, state or federal government. Check out the final report here by scrolling down to Cultural Committee Final Report. (You'll need to download it as a PDF.)

Hear Mayor Nagin Speak on Cultural Rebuilding

New Orleans Mayor C. Ray Nagin answers WWOZ Street Talk's questions about his plans for the cultural rebuilding of the city - recorded at a Candidates' Forum on April 12, 2006. We talk about music education, second lines, the Mayor's Office for Music and more. Nagin says the final report of the Bring New Orleans Back Cultural Committee reflects his plans. The commission's recommendations have not been approved or implemented. But you can read the final report of the BNOB Cultural Committee in the next post.