Thursday, June 15, 2006

Irvin Mayfield on NOJO and the National Jazz Center proposal

New Orleans Jazz Orchestra creative director Irvin Mayfield on the posposed National Jazz Center, a $715 million downtown development that stands to have a complex impact on the city's economy and culture. Interview by Eve and Alison.


Blogger T-bone said...

Seems to me that this is just a big $$$ hustle on the part of the Hyatt and the Superdome to relocate some tourist action in the CBD. The National Parks Service has a plan for Armstrong Park, The Jackson Center is under-utilized, and Congo Square is decidedly more rooted in the New Orleans tradition than ANYTHING that these big money developers understand about New Orleans.
Irvin Mayfield and the NOJO are being used to shill for public money that ought better be used to help the clubs and restaurants that keep the music alive in New Orleans. Why not give Donna's a dollar for dollar match on $$ they invest in their business??
These small businesses located in the neighborhoods are what will make the community and the music scene strong again, NOT Wynton styled, museum piece "Jazz Orchestras" gobbling up public arts money in support of their developer patrons!

1:10 PM

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