Wednesday, May 24, 2006

New Orleans Women's Health And Justice Initiative

With the shuttering of Charity Hospital, adequate and accessible health care for New Orleans' uninsured returning residents is in poor shape. The women of Incite! Women of Color, a collective of feminist activists dedicated to ending violence against women of color nationwide, has partnered with other local organizations to attempt to open a free health clinic for women and children in the historic Treme district.

The clinic, which Incite! and its partners hope to have up and running by this summer, will provide a range of preventative health services including pregnancy testing and counseling, Pap smears, breast and pelvic exams, anonymous HIV screening and counseling and other basic gynecological care, as well as hypertension and diabetes screening, resource referrals, trauma counseling, self-help and educational workshops and other services.

Women's Health and Justice Initiative representatives Shana Griffin and Thea Patterson joined WWOZ reporter Alison Fensterstock in the studio Tuesday to talk about their project.

Call 504-524-8888 to volunteer, donate or learn more about the Women's Health and Justice Initiative


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