Tuesday, May 02, 2006

3/23 - New Governor's Office Likely to Replace Louisiana Music Commission

by Eve Troeh

The resignation of Louisiana Music Commission members Ellis Marsalis and Bernie Cyrus last week raised questions about the future of the state�s role in Louisiana music.

Mark Smith is the director of Entertainment for the Louisiana Department of Economic Development. He says the state is likely to create a new office to handle music in the near future.

Smith points to a bill currently making its way through the state legislature that would creat the Louisiana Governor�s Office of Entertainment Industry Development. The new office would combine film, television, digital media and music under one agency. Smith says the office will be operated in conjunction with private contractors who are industry professionals, instead of using volunteer commissioners - many of whom were musicians themselves.

Former Music Commissioner Bernie Cyrus says he thinks film and music are apples and oranges, and shouldn�t be approached the same way. He is also concerned that the new office will not focus on music education, health care or housing for musicians.

To read the state bill that would create the Governor�s Office of Entertainment Industry Development, read here.


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